Matxin: an open-source transfer machine translation engine

What is Matxin and who is developing it

Matxin is one of the two open-source machine translation engines being developed inside the OpenTrad project; Matxin is designed to translate between different kind of languages (see Documentation below). The OpenTrad consortium is led by Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa.

Linguistic information for the translation from Spanish and Basque (es-eu) is included.

The project ("Open Source Machine Translation for the Romance languages of Spain") is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain trough PROFIT grant number FIT340101-2004-3 and FIT340001-2005-2.

The Matxin architecture is being developed by the Ixa research group at the University of the Basque Country. Linguistic data for translating from Spanish into Basque using Matxin are being developed by Ixa and Elhuyar R&D.

Downloading Matxin

Matxin is released through the SourceForge project page at You can get the sources in different ways:

The package contains three types of information:

Two additional packages are necessary for building the whole system:


Matxin is an Open Source project and it welcomes any kind of contribution in shape of patches, documentation, feedback, ... If you plan to hack on Matxin, you should first get the latest sources from the SVN server.

svn co matxin

If you have any patches, bug reports, or any kind of feedback, write directly to the matxin-devel mailing list.

Mailing list

There's a general-purpose mailing list aimed for both developers and users, You can join us by subscribing yourself in the Mailman's web interface.

Test drive

Before installing Matxin, you will be able to evaluate it online at


Documentation in Spanish (detailed but still incomplete) is available through the project page.

We have published a conference paper describing the architecture and its motivation:

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